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BJPS Library: Books

Subject Searches vs. Keyword Searches

What's the difference between subject searches and keyword searches?

A keyword search looks for one or more specific words in the title and notes about a book.These searches are very helpful in getting started, but they won't necessarily give you a list of all the books in the library about your topic. 

A subject search is more focused and finds all the books in the library listed under standardized subjects (which means they are the same from one library to the next). However, you have to know exactly the right subject words.  

Starting with a keyword search and then using subject searches can help you zero in on the target. Standardized subjects can be found within the detailed record of a book.

Quoted from:

Elliott, Rebecca S. and James Elliott. Painless Research Projects. New York: Barron's,1998. p 62.

Search the Catalog

Search for books, DVDs, ebooks, music and more via the new IndyPL catalog, Bibliocommoms.  Remember to look for "Available Now" at your location, Brebeuf, before placing any items on hold. 

Google Books

Interlibrary Loan

Have you found a book, magazine, or journal article that would be perfect for your research but it isn't available from Brebeuf, IndyPL and the database only gives you an abstract?  If you have time, meaning you don't need the material today, you can make an Interlibrary Loan Request.  Log into your account at IndyPL and select the Interlibrary Loan option.  Fill in as much detail about the item as you can and click submit.  It can take ten days to two weeks to receive your book, but we've seen some books have come arrive in as little a three days.  Interlibrary Loan is an excellent way to expand your research options!  See the librarian for assistance.