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Project Overview


Your research must include the following:

  • Incorporate multiple course themes into research paper.
  • A minimum of four resources must be used.   (Three authoritative (scholarly) and the Bible)
  • At least one print source (can be actual book OR a digitalized, online version of a book)
  • Sources from the iLibrary databases (keep in mind that NOT ALL database articles are "scholarly.")
  • At least two Scriptural references
  • Websites not from the databases must be OK'd by Mr. Connelly in advance.
  • Follow proper MLA 8 format for paper and Works Cited

Ignatian Research Process


-Define the question
-Apply Prior Knowledge

-Identify Keywords
-Get to know 
      -key people

      -key phrases
      -key ideas
-Develop a search strategy
-Locate, gather, and secure resources


-Finalize presentation
-Submit results

-Was product effective?
-Was process efficient?

Potential Topics

The Parables                                                      

Messiah in the Old Testament / Jesus in the New Testament

The Miracles of Jesus                                        

Parallels Between the Old Testament and New Testament

The Nature of Jesus                                          

Paul's Epistles                              

The Teachings of Jesus                                    

How Different Faith Traditions View Jesus          

New Testament Book

Woman in the New Testament                          

Book of Revelation

Your Librarian for this Project

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Suzanne Russell
Office: 317-524-7124
Social: Twitter Page