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AP English Language (Neukam): Home

Ignatian Research Process


-Define the question
-Apply Prior Knowledge

-Identify Keywords
-Get to know 
      -key people

      -key phrases
      -key ideas
-Develop a search strategy
-Locate, gather, and secure resources


-Finalize presentation
-Submit results

-Was product effective?
-Was process efficient?

Finding Sources for the Synthesis Essay

Your goals for this assignment:

  1. Find SIX sources for a given topic (as handed out by Mrs. Neukam).
  2. ONE-TWO sources should be graphic, visual, picture, or cartoon.
  3. All sources should be NO LONGER than one page in length (sources may be cut to fit requirement, but in cutting, should not misrepresent the original text).
  4. Sources should give varied view on the topic -- not just pro/con.
  5. All sources must have the MLA citation at the top of the page.
  6. All sources should be reputable to the extent that they are not student samples or that the bias is recognized. 

Your Librarian for this Project

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Charity Karcz
2801 W. 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Social: Twitter Page