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A resource guide to help you quickly and easily locate the best resources for your research...

Project Overview

  • Your Project Possibilities doc is not an 'absolute' kind of list; think 'helpful suggestions' instead. 
  • Don't dim your creativity, originality, or care.
  • You should plan on becoming 'experts' on your topic
  • You should be able to anticipate and answer questions
  • This is an opportunity to SHINE (so learn, think, and share freely)!
  • Presentations must be in the 15 minute range
  • You need at least THREE important sources
  • Your sources must be cited correctly (and responsibly)

Ignatian Research Process


-Define the question
-Apply Prior Knowledge

-Identify Keywords
-Get to know 
      -key people

      -key phrases
      -key ideas
-Develop a search strategy
-Locate, gather, and secure resources


-Finalize presentation
-Submit results

-Was product effective?
-Was process efficient?

Issues to Consider

Project Possibilities:

  • Literature Review
    • Historic, literary or other approved work(s)
  • Creative Project
    • Visual Art/Design
    • Writing
    • Music
    • Computer-based project
    • Cinematic project
  • Activism Project/Event
    • Helping generate a specific event
    • Bringing an event to some community
  • Public Event Responses
    • Lecture
    • Demonstrations
    • Web communities
  • Teaching Class
    • Generating a lesson on a topic then running class

*** See project handouts for examples of former and possible project topics


Your Librarian for this Project

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Charity Karcz
2801 W. 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268

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