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Hebrew Bible (Connelly): Home

Ignatian Research Process


-Define the question
-Apply Prior Knowledge

-Identify Keywords
-Get to know 
      -key people

      -key phrases
      -key ideas
-Develop a search strategy
-Locate, gather, and secure resources


-Finalize presentation
-Submit results

-Was product effective?
-Was process efficient?

Possible Topics

Solomon's Temple

Israelite Warfare

Traditional Hanukkah Celebrations and Customs

Archaeology in the Old Testament

Sabbath/Shabbat (then and now)

An Outline of Ancient Hebrew History

Geography of the Old Testament (maps, terrain, population distribution, etc.)

Religious History of Jerusalem

The Rosetta Stone; Pictograms and Hieroglyphics

Old Testament Ancestry

Dead Sea Scrolls

Political History of Jerusalem

Egypt at the time of Moses

The Land of Canaan

The Kings of Judah & Israel

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