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BJPS Library: Citations

MLA Citation Generator

What Is A Container?


S.M.Foran 2016

MLA 8 Template

Use this template to help you format your citations.


MLA 8 Glossary


Author: Name of the person who created the work.

Title of Source: Title of the work (titles of short works are set off with “ ” / titles of long works are italicized).

Title of Container: Title of the larger whole which holds the work—could be a book, a periodical, a website, a database, etc. (generally italicized).

Other Contributors: Name of the person who helped create the version of the work you are using, such as an adapter, an editor, a translator, etc.

Version: Description of a particular edition (e.g. revised edition or 3 rd edition) or version of the work (e.g. Authorized King James Version).

Number: Numbering system for works published in parts or series (e.g. volume, issue, number). Publisher: Name of the company or organization that published, produced, or posted the work.

Publication Date: Date the work was published, produced, or posted.

Location: Specific location of a work inside a container (e.g. page numbers, URL, etc.). 

From MLA Guide created by S.M. Foran at Capital Christian School